about the owner

GO Art Studio is owned and operated by sculptor Ginger Oakes. As you might suspect, Ginger has a passion for art & beauty that has gifted her with more than 25 years of experience. But, what she believes truly matters isn’t how traditionally talented of an artist you are, but the shared experiences and connections that your art can create. Who cares if it’s perfect, how does your art make you and others feel? What’s the idea behind it? Also, who said clay couldn’t be just plain old fun? Ginger is excited to share her joy for clay with the Spokane Community.

When she isn’t in the studio, Ginger is with her dogs, her kids & grandkids, or dancing the night away with friends. She’s famous for her ever simmering pots of soup, and bowls of popcorn, and if you hang around the studio enough, you just might get to try some.


Spokesman Review: Clay is Storyteller’s Medium

“My love for creating grows when I watch people read those [Descriptive] cards and have a personal connection to the sculpture. The fire in their eyes finishes my work.”

Manic Moon Gallery: Artist Profile

“Ginger’s home studio is evolving into the place where daydreams come to life.”

City of Moses Lake: Nurtured by Nature

“Nature opens our eyes to the magic of details.”

Artist Interview with Nan Drye

“Through years of travel and experiencing diverse cultures she learned about beauty and the potential for creativity in everyone.”