the studio

Times are certainly interesting right now. More than ever, we need ways of building connection. To each other, and to ourselves. A few hours spent playing with clay is a perfect way to do just that.

what does time
at the studio look like?

The possibilities are endless. The beauty of GO Art Studio is in its ability to go from a peaceful, supportive space, perfect for a practicing potter/sculptor, to a raucous, cheerful, sunbathed place of learning and fun. Most times, its a combination of both.

your GO Art Studio Package might include:

– A portion of clay, to craft with
– All the tools you could ever need
– Basic glaze colors and supplies
– Space in the kiln for bisque & glaze firing
– And of course, access to the expertise and encouragement of studio owner, Ginger, a sculptor with over 25 years of experience! meet Ginger here

what does the process involve?

– On your first visit, you shape and mold the clay to your hearts content
– Then, you let it dry, and the piece is bisque fired
– On your second visit, you get to glaze your creation,
and put the piece back into the kiln for one more fire!
– Finally, patience has paid off & your piece is ready to be picked up

Coming Soon! For now, just email us.

GO Art artists